Brad's STI AKA "The Trollbaru"

Brad's STi Build "The Trollbaru"

Block: OEM short block, CP pistons rings and bearings. Manly rods Oem crank ARP 625 head studs Modified heads to accept Kelford 280 cams Ferrea valves Kelford Springs and retainers Cryo treated block and internals Killer B oil pan kit Process west street intake manifold Turba: gtx 3584 83 ar with custom downpipe and uppipe with turbosmart 2000 EWG Treadstone 900hp 4.5" thick intercooler

Fuel: ID 2000CC, AI dual 044 fuel pump surge tank setup with SS lines engine bay to tank to surge tank Perrin big tube EL headers Invidia N1 race Grimspeed ECBS AEM 5 bar map sensor DEFI boost, AFR, oil temp and oil pressure gauges

Suspension: Racecomp tarmac zero coilovers Whiteline anti lift kit Whiteline lateral links Perrin pitch mount, tranny mount, sub/diff lockdown kit, engine mounts Perrin 24mm sways front and back Aem 6 puck clutch Rays 57xx wheels with rays 57xx edition centercaps 18x10 + 20 offset Continental DW 285 35 summers Kiks r40 2 piece lugs with red aluminium caps Karlton flares installed by DTM autobody